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Lucky Penny Mag (2015-2017)

In 2015, I co-founded an online zine called Lucky Penny Mag with my best-friends/sisters Ally Matas and Maia Grecco. We practiced publishing our own writing, comics, illustrations, and other creative pursuits in a low-pressure environment, and also helped other creatives get published by working with them as editors. Over a couple of years, we published several original works such as essays, interviews, photography, and more. Lucky Penny gave me the chance to be creative on my own terms, and it was the best. It’s still up there in all its beautiful, vulnerable, artistic glory–check it out!


Art at the Intersections (2018, annual)

Along with Georgia Lin, I co-founded and organized Art at the Intersections, a large-scale intersectional art show–the first of its kind at Victoria College, University of Toronto. The purpose of the show was to create specific opportunity for representation of the artwork made by U of T students who identify as women of colour or trans people of colour. Work began in November 2017 and responsibilities included securing funding, working with a large budget, advertising with several U of T departments and organizations, receiving and judging submissions, booking event spaces and catering, and hosting the final events. A week of gallery-style showcase and a performance night occurred in February 2018. Curators included artists Gwen Benaway and Ilene Sova, and all artists and judges were compensated for their labour. Art at the Intersections is now an annual event at Victoria College. Read The Strand’s review of the first showcase here.

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