Interviews & Profiles

Tallulah Fontaine (Canadian illustrator based in Montreal)
Babbu the Painter (Toronto artist known for pop art-style paintings)
Nimisha Bhanot (Toronto artist best known for “Badass Indian Pinups” series)
Abi Varghese (Creator of the sitcom Brown Nation)
Let’s Talk About The Pill, Baby (Various people on their experiences with birth control)
Peterson’s Transphobia–It’s Not Just Words (Professor A.W. Peet and trans students at the University of Toronto)
Toronto Business Tackling Disability Discrimination (Greg Kasparian, managing director of Good Foot Delivery)
The Fob and I: A New Webseries About Two Indians Who Are Different  (Meenakshi Ramamurthy, creator and writer of The Fob and I)
Dark is Lovely and the Bindi isn’t Indie (The founder of #reclaimthebindi)
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